Project Details

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator
Release Date: 29/12/2013
Copyright: All rights reserved
Client: IANOS / Top Creations

Project Description

The application, based on the book "You speak Greek, you just don’t know it", is a selection of more than 6.000 Greek words that one finds today in the English language. On the iphone screen, this journey through the Greek language becomes an interactive procedure, since the user is called upon to play, trying to find the Greek word that is the origin of the English word that appears on his screen or vice versa.

Entering the application, the user chooses the preferable starting language: English or Greek. The words are presented in three ways: alphabetically, by number of letters or by category. The user chooses the preferable way and begins to play trying to find each word based on his knowledge and skills or using help. The better the player, the higher the score…

The user can share the content via Facebook and Twitter; there is also the possibility of e-mailing the words one has found.