Project Details

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator
Release Date: 20/02/2013
Client: IANOS
Copyright: All rights reserved

Project Description

Global Music Timeline, is a thorough collection of names divided into 5 main categories:

1. Full name
2. Dates (Dates of birth and death) or upon statement dates
3. Properties (manufacturer, guitarist, composer)
4. Nationality

Timeline philosophy and structure aims to immediate usability upon first data reference. It will guide you, in a charming musical journey, through ages, genres, aesthetic trends, forgotten information sources, Working on a daily basis for many hours, we managed to build a list of 80,000 names capturing our keyboards, search engines, including those not found in any web directory... User either by selecting data through a combination of the categories that comprise up the application, or through inserting names that he / she wants is leading to the results of his/her desire.