1900: The adventures of Pavlos Kountouriotis in the first transatlantic voyage with cruiser 'Navarchos Miaoulis'

Our agency was assigned the design of 1900, a Historic Naval Novel written by Stefanos Milesis and Panagiotis Tripontikas, based on the actual log of Pavlos Kountouriotis on his first transatlantic voyage.

This story brings to light the crossing in 1900 of the Atlantic Ocean by a generation of men of the Hellenic Navy, an attempt which from the outset had seemed doomed to fail. Even though they suffered terrible misfortune and endured great hardship, they remained steadfastedly focused on their mission and achieved what would have been extremely difficult even for mighty naval powers of the time, thus showing the rest of the world the seamanship of the Greek nation whose very soul is bound to the sea.